Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Inspirations September 20, 2009

Several months ago I sensed a change coming. Heavenly Father has a way of preparing me for these things beforehand, knowing how hard change can be for me to cope with. I knew I'd be called to work in the Primary (children ages 3-11), but even as I was asked to be a leader over the Achievement Day girls (ages 8-11) there was a little voice in my head saying, "This is only the beginning."

For the last three months I've felt my heart turning toward the Primary children. I've been volunteering to teach classes as well help in the nursery. I found myself enjoying the little ones, preferring to help them rather than go to my own classes - an unusual occurrence as I adore both Relief Society and my Sunday School class.

As the feeling something more was coming crept upon me I began to think about where I might be used. To be honest I thought it would be in the nursery, as one of the leaders had moved. About three weeks ago my husband called me in for a rather short-notice interview where he asked, to my surprise, "Would you be willing to serve as the Primary chorister?"

My first thought was, "Huh?" The second I spoke aloud: "Yes."

To accept a position in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not quite like accepting it in another church. Well, perhaps it is in some religions, but in ours we believe callings like this come from inspiration and revelation from the Lord. Accepting them comes with a promise to fulfill them to the best of our abilities. We are not paid, it's not quite like being a volunteer, and they often require a load of sacrifice. At times it feels like more than we can bear, and yet they bring with them some of the greatest lessons and blessings we can ever hope to receive.

I have worked with the young women of our church, girls 12-18, and found it to be one of the most incredible positions I have had the pleasure to hold. I have had the chance to lead music in two other meetings, to lead the choir, to teach in Primary, and a few others. I have never before had the opportunity to lead children in music. The idea is both exciting and terrifying, lol.

In accepting a new calling we are given the chance to spread our wings, to use talents we may never have known we had, and to learn. Callings are given just as much for the benefit of the individual as well as for those we are called to serve.

The thought of receiving a calling used to terrify me. I used to put some fantastic effort into thinking of every reason in the book why I couldn't possibly accept. Now I'm excited when something is offered. I know my Heavenly Father is giving me a fresh outlook on how the church works, on what I can do with everything He's blessed me with, and with this particular calling I have the ability to help the children learn to love music.

We have a whole new primary presidency today. I'm certain they're far more anxious than I, but there is no doubt in my mind they will become loved. Do you know why? When the previous leaders were released today my oldest began crying. Her heart was breaking for those leaders she wouldn't spend two hours with every Sunday. It's that thought which keeps me excited - what life will I touch in such a way?

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Team Jensen said...

How touching! I find it interesting that you had those feelings of change a few months ago...I, too, had the same feelings. I just felt some kind of urgency to get into primary! It will be a lot of fun working with these kids and I just can't wait to be working closer with you each week, either! Your spirit amazes me all the time and I'm so grateful to call you my friend!