Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Decorations :)

This'll be my one post of femininity today...just to say you can even climb ladders in skirts, lol. Not the funnest, but doable ;) We've been decorating for Halloween this morning. We're not done, but we've made a grand start. M put up the windsocks and fun garland. In the background you can see the cool elastic spider web we found at Walmart this year. We may have stretched it more than necessary, but it was the only way to get it up and working.
Next we have some of our little signs. I love these. My favorite has a picture of a spider web and says, "Welcome to my Web Site." Cheezy, I know, but so am I.

For the first time I found BLACK spider webs! I've never tried putting it up so high before, but M wanted to make a sort of "doorway" for people to walk through. We cut out one of the eyes on the ghost on the door so we could look out to see who was on the porch.

I love the green spider web. We've got too much light around here at night for it to be glowy, but it still makes for some great ambiance. I have to get some more things dug up before I can finish decorating right in front, and we need to find (or make) some cool spiders to hang up.

And last, but certainly not least, is our skeleton. We found a tombstone for him this year. B decided he died choking on a golf ball (which is in it's mouth in case you can't tell).
So there you go! I love decorating for Halloween. I know many out there don't, but that's okay. The kids and I have so much fun doing this together♥


Emily said...

Love the Halloween decorations! You have some fun ones! I think it's great you are up on a ladder in a skirt! You go girl! :) Happy Autumn to you!

Debbie D said...

Looks like a "goulish" good time!

Team Jensen said...

Wow! That's pretty amazing decorations! Can't say I enjoy Halloween, though. It's the one holiday we could skip and I'd NEVER miss!