Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Inspirations October 11, 2009

Such goofy kids. Such precious children of God.

Once a year the children ages 3-11 (known as the Primary) put on a special program in our main Sunday meeting. In this program the parents, leaders, and fellow members are given the chance to find out what the children have been learning about throughout the year.

This year the theme centered around how families can be together forever, they are eternal. Since January the children have been learning special songs and being taught in special themes for the months to be included in the program.

Today was our Primary program. It felt more than just a bit unnerving for many of us due the fact the presidency over the Primary was switched out just two Sundays ago, and I was placed in charge of leading the music. SERIOUSLY! It was terribly difficult for those remarkable ladies who've worked so hard all this time to get the kids prepared as well. Yet the Lord has been with us throughout it all, and we had an amazing program today.

Each and every child is given a chance to say a part, though of course shyness overtakes some of them and they're unable to talk in front of all those staring people, lol. And others you might never believe would able to get up and speak would be filled with such a vast Spirit, allowing them to touch our hearts with just a few words.

My husband and I were so incredibly pleased at the job our own children did (what parent wouldn't be!). Grandma's and Grandpa's and our own special aunt Cathy came to hear them as well. B talked about needing to be nice and loving our family members. We can do this through having family prayer, family night, reading scriptures together and keeping the Sabbath day holy. He told us when we do these things we are all made stronger.

J taught us the importance of forgiveness, citing Joseph of Egypt who was sold by his brothers into bondage, yet he forgave them years later. We know how important it is to forgive family members, and also to try hard not to hurt others. If we do - we need to ask forgiveness.

And then there is my M. This was a bittersweet program for us. My mother and I both recalled today the first Primary program she (almost) participated in. One look at the crowd and she was down with us in the congregation. No amount of cajoling, promises given, or bribes attempted from parents, grandparents, and leaders could move her from my lap. Over the years, of course, she found herself having found a bit more courage and became far more willing to speak in front of all those "scary" people out there.
Today was M's last Primary program. In less than two months she'll be old enough to move on to the next phase of her life and will join the young women of the church.
Oh my these children of ours grow up far too fast!
This not-so-little fact caught up to M today. Because it would be her last program she was asked to sing a little solo as her talk. I can't begin to tell you how if felt to hear her sweet, clear, extraordinary voice singing the words:
"I have a family here on earth, they are so good to me. I want to share my life with them through all eternity..."
I began to cry. My husband sitting on the stand behind her began to cry. Teachers in the seats with the children began to cry. I turned to invite the congregation to sing the second verse of the song, and so many of them had been brought to tears as well. What an extraordinary way to pull in a confirming testimony to the hearts of everyone there through the Holy Spirit, and bring our program to an end.
As my daughter was hugged and loved and praised by many out there, she began to cry. When I asked her why, she looked at me and said, "It feels like I'm already leaving."
And that right there is the truest testimony to what the Primary can mean to these young children, especially when they are surrounded by leaders and teachers who love and teach them with the whole of their hearts. It is here the little ones are taught of Christ, of our Heavenly Father, of the simple and remarkable truths of Christ's gospel here on earth.

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Momma Ellen said...

What a tender moment that will become a sweet memory, especially now that you've written down. Your little girl is growing up! You guys are trying to do what's right, and the Lord is truly blessing you and your family. Hugs to all!