Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 4 of Femininity

I had no intention of posting on Femininity for seven whole days. Seriously. I thought, maybe a few stories here and there with a picture at the beginning and end. Here we are on day four and I'm still willingly taking pictures - patchy skin and fat rolls notwithstanding. These last few days have been wholly unusual, and yet entirely fulfilling.

Here I am in my skirt I'll be wearing this weekend. I bought it a few years ago as part of an anniversary present from my husband (he knows I love pretty skirts). It comes with a lovely baby blue cardigan, but it's too warm today to wear it.

I french braided my hair after my shower this morning. I love the look of braided hair, and have wowed many a woman when they find out I can do it to my own hair, lol.

It'll be fun to take out tomorrow and let the curls free.

It was not easy to take this last picture, and you have no idea how many were deleted before I finally settled on this one. I'm having a horrible skin day, though perhaps you can't really tell. Sometimes it's not easy to feel feminine when things we can't control - like skin rashes due to being allergic to everything - keeps us from looking our best. Yet over the years I've discovered, it's not always our appearance that makes us beautiful, it's the woman within. Some of the most beautiful women in my life are not so because their outward appearance is the classic ideal of beauty, but rather because the extraordinary spirit held within shines through.

I'm crocheting a scarf for a friend here. I love to crochet, to create, to make beautiful things. More than this I love to give away those things I've created. During this weekend it's especially fulfilling to do as I sit and listen to the general leaders of my church speak such beautiful and remarkable words of hope, love, inspiration, and rededication. Thank you so much for stopping in to celebrate today's bit of femininity♥


Emily said...

Oh Laurie! You look lovely and beautiful! I love the skirt - my fav. colour is blue :). I am so glad you are journaling each day with photos! I think it's an inspiration and I know many people will come away feeling inspired and uplifted! I am picky on my photos too - and with my children taking the photos.... so many of them do not turn out how I would like them to. lol Oh well -

Have a beautiful day today!

Josie and Wayne said...

You can call me wowed with that braid. That's amazing!