Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My kids are off-track at school, which translates into, "Mom gets to sleep in." This has been a really good thing lately as none of my kids seem to believe getting a full night of sleep is important, however they've plotted and planned to make certain none of them are up at the same time so they can get individual attention from me. At night. All hours.

Last night was another one of those nights. When I looked at my clock and it read 8:45, I didn't hesitate to simply stay in bed, relishing the alone-ness for as long as it might last!

I did notice how very warm it felt in the house, but it took a good hour before I actually looked at the thermostat. For some odd reason it was set to 80 degrees. 80 degrees!!! I don't even like 80 degrees outside of the house, let alone inside. So now we have the front and back doors open, letting in some cool autumn air. Naturally I've started sneezing with the fresh air, but I'll take it.

We'll be doing another boutique this Saturday. I'll post more info about it in a day or so. I hope lots of you will consider coming. I plan to have lots more bookmarks ready, some fun Halloween bracelets, necklaces, and ribbon scrunchies. I have some gorgeous pendants to put towards Christmas necklaces, but don't have enough materials to get them made before Saturday.

I went to the doctor last Friday. He's decided to increase the dose on my depression meds - still waiting for those to be mailed, and hopefully that'll happen before my latest prescription runs out. I asked him if hair loss was a side effect of the meds, but he shook his head no. As I talked to him about my increased fatigue, lack of motivation lately, and other things he began to wonder if I might not be having troubles with my thyroid. So they took some blood, but the results came back as "normal." Lately though I'm wondering if their idea of "normal" is not the same as my body's. My mom's encouraging me to go see an endocrynologist (sp?) who specializes in this sort of thing.

I need to empty my camera of pictures. The memory card is full. This unfortunately means a LOT of pictures, and no way can I afford to get copies of them all. I need to go see if it's possible to just put everything on disk without getting any actual pictures developed.

So there you go. A bunch of ramblings from Laurie. Kuddos to all of you who actually stuck with me and read through to the end!

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Team Jensen said...

You have DMBA, right? Check to see if Paul Miner is on your plan. He's the Endoc. I go see for my messed up internals. I really enjoy their office and they're not too far away. If you're not feeling right, you need to go with your gutt and get a second opinion. You never know what more "digging" can produce!