Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 2 of Femininity

The majority of my day was spent doing a bit of baking. You see, there's been a cluster of fruit-flies hovering over some fairly ripe bananas. They've gotten far beyond the point of being annoying, and so I finally managed to do something about it.

I let J mash all the bananas. We literally squished them out of the peel into the bowl, a process we decided was "cool" and "gross" at the same time. After all the peels had been tossed it was his job to mash them all with the back of a fork. At the same time I started cutting up the butter to let it soften and put together the dry ingredients (as can be seen in the picture below).

When the butter softened enough I began to make. Here's a picture of me baking in my nice LONG elegant emerald green skirt. I love LOVE LOVE this skirt. It's perfect when I want something that simply drapes down.
I'd actually been wearing one of my favorite sweaters earlier this morning, but it got too warm to keep it on. So I switched to a green striped shirt. I should have been wearing an apron, but it's in the laundry right now (I cut my hubby's hair this last week and have yet to wash it).

And here's the finished result! All those yucky bananas made four perfect loaves and 12 mostly eaten muffins ♥

All in all, a most satisfactory day.


Emily said...

Oh yum! Everything looks so delicious! Look at all you did! I am impressed! You look lovely as well - and I love that shade of green on you! :) Have a glorious Conference weekend!

Team Jensen said...

You're seriously making me hungry! I had the same issue with my bananas, but I just couldn't get up the nerve to cook, SOOO, did you know you can FREEZE bananas? Yup. peel, roll up in plastic wrap, (separating each banana) then put into gallon freezer bags and toss into the freezer. You'll be ready anytime and you don't have to let those flies get to you! Voila!