Thursday, November 12, 2009

For Sale! For Sale!

I'm selling a few kids. They're pretty cool, fairly clean, and will happily spend all their time on the computer so you can finally accomplish that goal of staying away from it during the daytime hours.

Okay, so maybe they're not for sale. I have become rather attached to them over the years. So if you're in the market for kids, I'm afraid you're out of luck! However, if you're looking for little Christmas ideas, I might have something pretty for you.

The truth is I made a lot of stuff for the boutiques this year, and may have (MAY have) spent a bit of money on them. So I'm putting everything on sale, and basically giving it away at the price it cost to make them. If you see something you like (or think you might like as I was NOT in good picture taking mode today), let me know and I'll work with you.

Please note - these prices are certainly subject to bargaining, though I'm selling them for much lower than the original prices.

Let's start with necklaces. The first is the "Inspire" necklace. 20 inches long on a gold chain. I'm saying $7 for this one.

Next is the longest necklace in my extremely small collection. 36 inches, fairly simple, on a gold chain. I'd like to get $10 for this, but am willing to go A BIT lower.

Next we have a necklace and earring set. The necklace is 23 1/2 inches on a gold chain. The earrings are pictured below. Because it's a set, I'd like $10. $7 for the necklace and $3 for the earrings.

This is a necklace M made. It has a magnetic clasp on the back, with black and blue/silvery beads. We're selling this one for $3 - and the money goes to M.

This next necklace is done with braided hemp cord - a peachy color better displayed in the second picture. I need to do some work on the pendant portion, but that's an easy fix. I forgot to measure this one, sorry. I'm only asking for $5 on this necklace.

Let's move on to hair accesories. I blatantly stole this idea for ribbon scrunchies, and I love it. LOVE IT!!! I glue to ribbons to make sure they don't come undone, and placed a bit of fray check on the ends so they don't...well...fray. I'm selling these at 2 for $3.

They can be done in all sorts of fun colors, which I have tons of ribbon, but don't want to use it unless I can sell it.

I also have these super cute crocheted scrunchies. They come in small and large sizes. I even made them in BYU and UTAH colors just for fun. I'm selling them both - big and small - for $2 a piece.

And now it's time for bracelets :)
All of these bracelets are done with memory wire, which is fantastic because it means easy on/off (because there are no clasps), and will always stay in their original shape. The larger bracelets, shown in the next several pictures, are 2 1/2 inches across, and are really more for preteens/teens, rather than adults. These bracelets I'm putting up for $4.

Some of these I've tried to get a picture of down below, so if you see repeats, that's why.

Here I have two (toward the left) that are doubled, while the one on the right is a single band.

Here's an example of one of the little bracelets I have. Got a pretty good close up pic with this one. These are 2 inches across, and made for little girls. Like toddler age and maybe a bit older. The great thing about these bracelets is the girls honestly can't break them. It's fantastic! I'm selling these for just fifty cents a piece (I only have one pictured).My surprise hit this year has been the bookmarks, or "Book Belts", as a friend so aptly named them. I've pictured them many times on my creativity blog (you can find the link on the right, and then you can click on the bookmarks tab to see more). These are so fantastic because they wrap around the book. So no matter where you take the book, or who gets their grubby paws on it (yes, I'm thinking of those wonderfully helpful children), you'll find it really hard to lose your place with these. I've been selling them for anywhere from $3.50 for the smaller ribbons to $4.50 for the biggest. I'm going to sell them all for $3.50. Trust me when I tell you I'm losing money by doing so, but I don't care. I'm willing to do it if it means I can get them out of the house, lol.

And last, but certainly not least because I LOVE them, are my scarves. Here are some of my crocheted scarves. They measure to appr 90 inches, perfect for wrapping around the neck at least once, still leaving it nice and long. Trust me when I tell you these are far more gorgeous in person than what you see in these pictures. These I'll let go for $10 a piece.

These are my knitted boa scarves. They also measure about 90 inches, but are far more appropriate for girls rather than adults. These are the last three I have on hand: dark blue, a yellow/orange/red/purple combination, and a very light brown. These I'll sell for $5 a piece.

These three are also knitted, but not so boa-like. The first two have an incredible striped effect, which looks as though I did it on purpose, but was simply the way the yarn worked. The third - which can hardly be seen - is a very light blue. Not as long as the others, and might be considered for a girl. These are going for $5.

Those are all my "completed" items. In anticipation of things that never worked out, I have a bunch of extras I'd be willing to put together or sell to you for the price I paid. I'm happy to work these pendants and things into a necklace with cord or braided hemp, or plain hemp, of which I have a few colors. Or I have some silver/gold chains I could use instead.
There are some super cute Christmas/Winter pendants I'd had big hopes for, but will have to either sell off through this or save for next year. Just take a look and if something catches your eye let me know!

Whew - long enough post for you??? As you can see there's loads of things to choose from. If you see something you really want but I won't see you for a while (or you live out of state), feel free to let me know and I'll happily save it for you!


ali said...

Oh my goodness Laurie! I totally didn't get what the book belts were, exactly, until I saw your entry in Michaels' contest.

I LOVE them! I'd like to order several, if I could.

Not sure how to go about it. Let me know!


Greg and Talena said...

Hey Aunt Laurie, Can I come to your place on Thanskgiving to see it all and shop, or do you think that would be too crazy of a day?