Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Ah, another Halloween gone. I've decided getting ready for Halloween is WAY more fun than the actual experience. There's something magical about putting up super spooky decorations and getting the kids all ready for the big day. Perhaps it's that unsatiable kid lurking inside me who likes to come out and play every now and again.

So, here we are with the final decorations up. We added some more garland and "Beware" tape. Then we stuffed two colorful "Jack-o-Lantern" bags with leaves, and another garland to the tree on the right.

Our one lone tree out near the street needed some spooking up as well. I love the green spider webs.

And here we are on Halloween day!

Miss A looks stunning as a little angel.

But check out those smashing tights!
Here we have B as a Clone Trooper (as opposed to a Storm Trooper, which he made sure to point out). He had a mask that goes with it, but I wasn't thinking straight and didn't think to have him put it on for the picture.
Next we have J as a vampire. His was my most favorite to "make up". He loved the point we did with his hair and the blood down his chin. Veeeeeery scary, right?
And here's Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. M had a lot of braids to make her hair look wavy. I worked for hours crocheting a scarf you can barely see in the picture and which barely lasted a half hour before she wanted to take it off! Still, get a load of those eyes. Aren't they fantastic!

And here is the awesomest couple in the WHOLE WORLD!!! My hubby was so sweet to let me dress him up! We darkened his eyes and cheeks, and I found this hilarious goatee that my hubby honestly LOVED! Okay so it didn't last the whole night, but that was due to lame adhesive. You can't really see them, but he's also wearing fake tattoo sleeves on his arms.

He faked out more than a few ward members at the party that night.

I couldn't decide if I was a frazzled witch, or Mrs. Weasley. So I called myself a frazzled Mrs. Weasley.

I didn't get any pictures at the trunk-or-treat due to being the parent handing out the candy, but afterward there was a dinner and carnival. Here's J doing his best at eating a donut off a string. The kids would start off with no hands. If it went too long they could use a pinky finger to help.
I helped out with the cake walk. Here's M as she walks in a VERY slow circle. Doesn't she look just thrilled?

So there you go! We had a blast, but boy was I done when we at last tucked all the kiddies in bed that night. Here's to another year of the kids trying to decide what they want to be ♥


Ashley said...

Those are great costumes! I would love to see a pic of the tatoos! Your hosue looks so festive! Looks like you had a fun Halloween!

Emily said...

What a great Halloween for you all! I love the costumes! :)

Cynthia said...

Those are the best pictures ever, but once I scrolled down to the one with you and Dave I laughed out loud! Your costumes are so great. I cannot believe Bishop Walker let you do that to him. What an awesome sight. Wish I could have seen you guys in person. I just love your kids costumes! Way to go. Seriously, I'll never get that image out of my head, what a laugh!!!

Momma Ellen said...

What a fun Halloween! You'll have lots of fun memories. Good job, Laurie!!