Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Need to Empty My Spleen! (a.k.a Laurie's On One Again)

And no, it has nothing to do with our new (gulp) president.

I haven't even been up a whole 46 minutes and my day's heading down the toilet. Of course I'll have to take the kids to school in a few minutes, but I needed to at least make a start in getting out the baddies!

I was having bad dreams up until the time my alarm rudely told me it was time to get up. Bad dreams seem to be spreading throughout the house these last few days. So even before I delved into the land of the conscious I was being affronted with annoying things. Knowing it would be snowy this morning I informed my beloved children they would need to get a move on when I woke them up. Too bad M didn't listen to me.

Of course the child is only a year or three away from teenagerdom, so I realize she's going to be more difficult to wake up, not to mention the time she spends in picking out an outfit. In any case, she took so long getting up and going the boys were done with breakfast before she made it to the kitchen. This translates into: no time to read scriptures.

So I donned boots and coat and headed outside to scrape out our car and warm it up. In the middle of it all, my boys come out sans coat, hat or gloves, asking to play in the snow. They were promptly informed to head right back in the house to find said objects (I didn't yell loud...the neighbors might hear). They came out a few minutes later to inform me they could find coat, but not gloves or hats (which were brand new as of two days ago!).

We spent a few more minutes cleaning up their room just enough to discover they really were all lost. (Insert heavy sigh here.) Sometimes being mom isn't fun.

One last rant - I hate it when companies skimp on their products so as not to raise prices. There are certain things you simply can't skimp diapers. My youngest has had leaky diapers the last week ever since I bought the "newest" version of diapers. I went with Luv's in the first place because they were cheap without leaking. Now I might have to do back to Pampers. Either that or plan on a daily bath and laundry load.


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