Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm About To Take My Life in My Hands

Okay maybe it's a good thing my closest friends have moved recently, as they might not take too kindly to these next words:

I have no desire to go see the new Twilight movie!

Seriously. Not joking. Fingers are not crossed behind my back. I'm far more excited about my husband taking me to the Hale Center Theater to see Into the Woods (my b-day present) than I would be if I'd received free tickets, had the theater to myself, and got a chance to meet all the stars. That's how much I am not looking to go see the movie.

I can't tell you exactly why. Perhaps because it has to do with such a intense feelings, and to see it portrayed in teens makes me squirm. Maybe it's due to not liking almost any movie based on a book, as they invariably change things too much. It could have to do with the fact I'm not a fan of vampire movies, and struggled with reading this dark side of the books.

It's probably all three reasons with a few other things (like Jacob's character) mixed in as well.

Therefore you will not see me anxiously sitting in the movie theater, giant box of popcorn in one hand, oversized cupful of Diet Coke in the other, waiting for the lights to dim and the half-hour of previews to hurry up and get over with.

(All right. Let me have it. Are any of you ladies out there still talking to me?)


Reynolds Family said...

Way to take a stand! I am not dying to see it but probably will. Like you, I am not a fan of books being made into movies-they always leave out too much. I am curious however to see it on the big screen. I agree with the intense feelings for a teen isn't my favorite. Molly won't be reading those books anytime soon. I'll just keep letting her eat beans.

Josie said...

Ha, I'm one up on you. I didn't even read the books. Maybe it's because I'm so stubborn I refuse to read what everyone else is reading, or maybe it's because I read the back of the first book and it sounded so incredibly cheesy I would be embarrased to read such a thing. I won't be seeing the movie either though, but that's no surprise as I really don't watch many movies.