Friday, November 7, 2008

My First Poll

I've really been thinking about how the quality of some products has really gone down since the economy began to struggle (and I've been forced to do an almost daily load of laundry so the baby will have a pair of pj's that hasn't been leaked in during the night by faulty diapers). The truth is I appreciate good quality, even if it means paying just a little bit more.

Using the above example, I switched to using Luv's a few kids ago. Pamper's is simply too expensive, and Huggies always leaks (no matter how fantastic their 'leak guards' are purported to be!). Luv's was a reasonable price without have a bad quality, which tends to happen when you go with store brand diapers.

With the last batch of diapers I bought, the quality of product went drastically downhill. It's still the same price, but not worth the money! I still use them during the day, but have taken to buying Pampers for baby to wear at nighttime (it'll be a good day when all the kids are potty-trained!), as I know they won't leak everwhere.

Thus came the idea for my very first poll. Would you rather a company raise their prices and keep the same quality, or reduce their quality/quantity to keep the same prices? Or do you not care what the company does, as you'll just go find something to replace it?

I'll keep the poll going until the 21st. Invite friends/family to vote as well. I'm really interested to see what everyone thinks.


Mel said...

I was just talking about this kind of stuff last night! Only - my gripe is they either keep the prices the same or raise them, then give you a SMALLER container!!! When you're counting on a certain quantity of something and suddenly realize you now have to buy TWO at the regular price to get what you were expecting, THAT is a slap in the face. Just give me the higher price and leave my stuff alone! :) I feel better now.

Greg and Talena said...

I would go somewhere else to get the quality that I want. I am not committed to a certain brand of anything really.

Josie said...

I haven't really noticed a change in quality of diapers. We just use luvs and they have worked fine for us. I agree with what Mel said though. I hate when they keep the price the same on things, yet lower how many ounces you get. So frustrating. It happened recently with skippy peanut butter.
Off topic, but speaking of diapers, you can go to and click on free sample on the right side of the page to get a free sample of diapers. I don't know how many you get, it might just be one, but I guess I'll find out in 4-6 weeks. I'm always up for free products.

brittanimae said...

Cheap diapers? Surprisingly, I've found that I prefer Wal-mart's White Cloud diapers to even most other name brands. A friend recommended them after we had a diaper rash issue. They don't have all the perfumes that Huggies have, and they stay as dry as most varieties of Pampers--try them, maybe they'll save you money AND trouble!