Monday, November 17, 2008

My 100th Post

It was a bit surreal, looking at the 99 next to number of posts, and realizing this would not necessarily be a happy celebration. Had I been "on schedule" the 100th post would have been my usual Sunday Inspiration thoughts. I didn't feel up to it, however.

Saturday night we received a visit and a phone call that brought us to a bit of a halt. To our door came one of my Young Women along with a neighbor of hers (our current Primary President). The father of the Young Woman had fallen from their roof. This man is the 1st Counselor in our bishopric. He is a good man. A remarkable man. He never hesitates to give help when needed, and has one of the biggest hearts I've ever known. My husband jumped up and left to go see him.

For the most part our friend is okay, he didn't need to be hospitalized, but he's having a lot of nasty after effects.

A few minutes after my husband got back home the phone rang. My father was hospitalized for pneumonia. We'd just spent the morning with him raking up leaves, and suddenly he's so sick he could barely work his hands. At first we thought he'd be able to come home today, but not yet. Not yet.

Perhaps you can now understand why I haven't felt very inspirational.

My post today is not to entertain. My post today is to ask for you to stop a moment and think of someone who may be in great need today. I encourage you to offer a prayer in behalf of those who may be sick, mourning, or otherwise in distress. We can all use a few more prayers.

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