Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Is it Too Little, Too Late?

This thought crossed my mind today as I passed by our local Holiday Oil where people lined up to get gas for only $1.69. I remember thinking gas hasn't been that low since before war was declared on Iraq, and I wonder when they'll start rising again.

Unfortunately it looks as though the massive drop in gas prices is too little, too late. The government has put a frieze on hiring. Too many businesses are going bankrupt and closing down. People are being fired left and right.

I've been wondering over the last several days if these gas prices had dropped earlier in the year, say before summer, if things might have been different. Would just a few months have made a big difference? I suppose it's hard to say.

In any case, I know our family is still feeling the effects, both personally and on a church basis. Too many out there are in dire need of help. Our own children have been told that they will receive only one present (besides the one from "Santa") this Christmas from Mom and Dad. I'm trying to be as honest with them about money matters so they'll appreciate all they have received. I also count my husband's recent promotion an added blessing knowing his place of business has also placed a hiring frieze.

The president elect certainly has a large load placed on his shoulders. There's a lot to try and fix, and the way will not be easy. Let's continue to pray that he will be guided in the best course.

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