Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What Are You Bringing to Thanksgiving Dinner?

This question was posed on a radio poll this morning. I laughed when one young woman commented, "I bring the relish tray. I always bring the relish tray. I don't think my mom believes I can cook!"

For the last several years my hubby and I have brought the mashed potatoes and gravy. Dear hubby violently objected to doing so this year. Okay maybe not violently objected. He did get a bit wild-eyed at the thought of peeling more potatoes (I think it goes back to his military days).

So we settled on rolls, butter, and a pumkin dessert instead. Think that'll make up for it?

In any case I began wondering two things. First, what are you bringing to Thanksgiving dinner this year? And second, what's your least favorite thing to bring?

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Greg and Talena said...

I am bringing a green salad, I don't think my mother-in-law thinks I can cook. Maybe I will shake things up a bit and bring a real exotic salad of some sort. :) Happy Thanksgiving! I wish I was coming to the family party.