Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Refuse to Acknowledge the Media Today

That's right. No radio, no television (aside from kids PBS shows and movies), no newspapers, no nuthin.

My stomach has been tied in knots every time I think about this year's election. I'm insanely grateful the day has finally come and can't wait until it's all over tomorrow!

Our voting precinct happens to be at my children's school, so after dropping them all off I went right in to vote. Got it done early so I won't have to stress about it the rest of the day. The school itself is participating in the voting process. They're giving all the kids a chance to vote for the person they want for president and such. My oldest was excited to have the chance to vote. She kept asking me who I was voting for. I told her, and made certain to let her know why as well. The kids know their votes won't count in the actual election, but I really believe it has lit a fire in some of them.

Politics is never pretty, though. I can't stand the debates and the ads and the fighting that erupts because of differing beliefs. It brings out the best and worst in people (and I'm not just talking about those in the running). There's so much injustice and backbiting, which literally makes my stomach turn.

This is why I've decided to keep myself free from all other influences. I will not check in throughout the day to see whether my guys are winning. I refuse to give the media or other invested businesses/groups/parties/etc a chance to press their opinions on me, or make me feel as though what I believe is old fashioned or too prudish (I recently read Lehi's dream - and the laughing/mocking people in the great and spacious building flashed in my mind this morning). I will not be ashamed for holding my standard high.

In any case, if I don't pick up the phone until after you leave a message, don't be offended. I'm just avoiding political phone calls too :)

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