Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chopped My Hair Off

Don't be deceived by the picture next to this. My hair was recently chopped to just below my chin. I was given a very special gift - the gift of fast growing hair. Coupled with a chemically-induced-natural-curl (my way of saying I got a perm at 16 and it never went away, ha ha), and a glowing red hue, I have been the envy of many a woman...

Maybe not. But in my head it's the one thing that makes me feel insanely good regarding one aspect about the way I look.

Several years ago I was desperate for a change completely under my control (spending several years watching your body being distorted by baby after baby can do that to a person). My hair had reached a significantly long length by that time, but I figured I should let it grow a bit longer.

I looked up Locks of Love, as I'd heard of their program many times before. Back then you needed at least 12 inches of hair to donate. By the time I couldn't stand hair everywhere I turned I was able to cut off 14 inches. Can you imagine cutting that much hair off of your head? Now the minimum length is 10 inches.

I felt sorry for the poor woman who had to cut off all my hair the first time around, namely, my mother-in-law. It was a bit traumatic for her. We bundled it into a ponytail, stuffed it into a plastic bag, and later on I mailed it off.

Since then I've donated my hair three more times. Like I said, the stuff grows fast. I don't do it so I can tell people how cool I am that I'm doing it. I figure Heavenly Father granted me a head of fast-growing hair, and the least I can do it find a good use for it. Helping to provide a head of hair for a little girl who's dealing with cancer is the least I can do. Believe it or not, it can take six to ten ponytails to make a wig. So the more hair they receive, the better.

I'm excited to say my oldest is now growing her hair out with the same idea. It's exciting to me to see my example in this one, seemingly small, area is having a good effect on her own perceptions.

I was also excited to see the local salon, and by Salon I mean Great Clips, will give a free haircut to anyone donating their hair to this cause.

So, if you've got some seriously long hair that you're really thinking of getting rid of, think hard about donating it to an amazing cause: children.

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Cynthia said...

Cool story. I don't see any short hair picture. I'm glad you have fast growing hair to donate. I have cut hair that gets donated, but haven't done my own yet. I just recently chopped my hair really short for summer.