Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I've Never Been So Excited to See Three Yellow Belts!

Earlier this year I prayed so hard about something I could get my older kids involved in, something to help them all feel better about themselves and feel good about progessing and maybe even excelling in.

I was surprised at the answer, and yet excited at the same time: Self-defense Karate.

All three had indicated they might like to take it, but I'd always cringed at the cost. This time I knew we'd have the money (oh baby, it was tight...but we did it) because it was an answer to prayer.

So I signed them up! I was doubly excited about this idea. Not only would it be a great way to up their self-images, but there was the added bonus of helping them know how to protect themselves in this rather scary world.

It was remarkable how well they did. Do I sound surprised??? Well, you'll have to forgive my doubt. The age of my boys would leave anyone doubting if they'd focus long enough to learn the moves, let alone pass the test. It felt like a long twelve weeks, but at last we came to testing night.

They took the kids two at a time to test. My daughter and older boy were paired together and went first. I was so impressed with how much they remembered! Of course my son watched his older sister (and made a lot of her mistakes, heh heh). At the same time they were testing two other kids and I couldn't help fluffing my maternal feathers and my own two kids retained a lot more than the other two did (for shame, Laurie).

My younger son went last with the oldest kid in the class... Watching the oldest kid's moves might have had a lot to do with it but he did AMAZING!

Tonight was graduation night. Neither of my boys wanted to try and continue until they found out yellow belts (if they made it) got to start sparring. Boys :) We really weren't sure what would happen until ~
Yellow belts all around!!!

What a proud Mama am I :)

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