Friday, June 6, 2008

Eliminating My Allergies Part III: The NAET Treatments

I believe it's important to understand a bit about how your body reacts to allergens in order to understand what makes these treatments work.

Your entire body is filled with energy pathways, or meridians. These pathways aid in everything from thought processes to digestion. When an allergen is introduced a warning signal is sent throughout your body and the meridians put up a block. The only problem is, the energy in your body is still trying to flow. When it can't get through it's proper channels a buildup occurs. This buildup has to get out somehow, and that's when you get an allergic reaction.

These reactions can vary: fatigue, muscle aches, high blood pressure, skin rashes, and more. What needs to happen now is a way to help your body stop thinking of something that should be harmless, like eating a tomato, as a danger. Sort of like rebooting your system.

The actual NAET treatment is simple and quick. A small glass vial (bottle) of water infused with the electromagnetic force of the allergen is placed in the right hand. Using a process of acupressure, the doctor opens up the energy pathways, helping to rewrite your body's reaction to what you're being treated for. The actual process takes less than five minutes, but the session doesn't end there.

Once the acupressure is done you're not supposed to cross your arms or your legs. With my doc he then leads us to another room where we can lay down for the next twenty minutes. During this time we are to hold on to the vial, keeping skin contact to it. After the twenty minutes are up the doc will call you back in and check your muscle response.

Strangely enough it's the next 24-25 hours that are the hardest, depending on what you're being treated for. During that time you need to stay away from any contact with the allergen. It takes twenty-four hours after the session for your body to clear all of the meridians of the allergen (there are 12 meridians in all, and each take two hours to clear).

The next time you head into the doctor he/she will retest your muscles to see if your body was able to successfully pass the allergen through your system. More often than not it'll pass the first time around. There are times, however, when the allergy is severe and it may take more than one session to be a success.

The NAET treatments are not cheap. I've never claimed they were. What you have to ask yourself is if it's worth putting your money into something that might cure the ailment as opposed to putting a band-aid on it. Of course this may not be for everyone, but if these posts have really captured your attention, perhaps it's time to look deeper into NAET.

I was tired of the cortizone. I was tired of not being able to hold my children. I couldn't exercise because of the constant flare-ups. I was miserable. Today I am almost rash free, and I haven't had to take pills or put on creams to do it. I consider this a miracle.

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