Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Inspirations June 22, 2008

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nicknamed the Mormon Church, we hold what's referred to as a 3 block meeting on Sunday. One block consists of meetings held for children (Primary), the youth (Young Men and Young Women), adult women (Relief Society), and adult men (Priesthood Meeting for Elders and High Priests). The second block is our Sunday School hour, where we are at liberty to participate in scripture study. The third block is our Sacrament Meeting, where we partake of the Sacrament and listen to talks given by members of the congregation on assigned topics.

There are some Sundays when a most unusual circumstance occurs: during these three blocks a theme can be found. For me, today was one of these days.

My calling, or job, in the Church is to teach the Young Women (girls age 12-18). I love this calling so much and dearly hope to remain in it for many years to come. There is something special about "my girls," as I have come to call them. Each of them has touched my heart something fierce.

Today's lesson was on 'Heritage.' In particular we discussed the traditions we pass along to our children, grandchildren, and so on. I watched the eyes of my girls as I asked the question, "What kind of ancestor do you want to be?" None of them had ever thought about it before.

Think about those who have gone before you. What sort of heritage have they left to you and your family? Are there stories passed on from generation to generation? A love of music shared with a great-great grandparent? Does your family have a special tradition you can trace back to a foreign land, or back several generations?

In Sunday School this theme continued, taking on a more spiritual nature. In the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ, there are two major nations: the Nephites and the Lamanites. The Nephites consisted of those who belonged to the Lord's Church and desired to live righteously. The Lamanites either used to belong to the Lord's Church and knowingly turned away, or had no knowledge of the Church whatsoever.

Each of these people stemmed from two brothers who lived 600 years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Not surprisingly, the two brothers were named Nephi and Laman. Laman was the elder of the two brothers, but gravitated to worldliness and wickedness. He did not believe in the ways of the Lord, and detested his younger brother. Nephi was a very righteous man, favored in the sight of the Lord. He hearkened to his father as well as the Lord, and was consequently placed above his elder brother, regardless of birthright.

The dealings between Laman and Nephi could fill books. It is only needful to say that because of the choices these men made, either for good or for evil, according to their perceptions and desires to know the truth, generations of people were either led in the ways of the Lord or in the ways of the world.

We never know exactly what this life will hand us. We may be blessed to have good parents, as Nephi tells us he had. Or we may be given parents whose choices, or the choices of those who have gone before, will lead them and possibly us on roads that will take us away from the Lord. Either way, we need to think now about what we want our children's children's children to know about us.

Was Great-Grandpa John known as a man who worked hard at everything he was asked? Did Great-great Grandma Jen let her children know they were loved beyond words? Did Grandma Ann teach her children and grandchildren about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, bearing her testimony every chance she got?

Think about that today. What sort of an ancestor do you want to be? What sort of heritage do you want to leave?


If you'd like to read about Nephi and his family go to 1 Nephi 1

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Greg and Talena said...

Thank you that does give me something to think about. I too had never thought about that. :)