Monday, June 30, 2008

Help Out a Fellow Writer

I'm all for helping out an aspiring writer, and when that writer happens to be a friend, well, so much the better!

My friend Val just had her very first piece published by the Associated Content website, which allows writers of all ilk to present their wares. The great thing about this site is you can be paid for every thousand people who read it. My dear friend has had a lot of troubles lately, and was even betrayed by a woman who she felt was her writing mentor. Now, however, she's feeling ultra-inspired to write again.

Here's the link to her story: Cloudy Skies Over St. Paul. It's a sweet read, very short, and can only leave you feeling hopeful.

This woman has inspired me. She was the only other Mormon on FaithWriters when I joined, and truly paved the way for me to feel comfortable there. When she started her own blog, The Silver Lining, I began to think about beginning one of my own.

Now she's inspired me to try my own hand at Associated Content. This woman, if you ever get a chance to read her blog, will truly inspire you as well. She has an amazing conversion story and the most remarkable faith. Though we've never met in person, she is one of my heroes.

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Cynthia said...

I have enjoyed your musings! Keep up the interesting posts! Are you coming on the 14th?? YOU AND YOUR FAMILY BETTER BE THERE! Or else...