Thursday, June 5, 2008

Eliminating My Allergies Part II: Muscle Response Testing

During my initial consultation with Dr. A the only thing I had planned on being treated for was my skin. It was the first thing I brought up, but it wasn’t where we ended. Before I knew it we had discussed my recent fatigue, brain fog, and inability to concentrate on any one thing for too long.

I had no idea so many of these things could be due to allergies.

Next he tested me for 120 different allergens. He didn’t do a blood test. Neither did he stick a patch on my back to see what flared up. Instead he did something called Muscle Response Testing.

Have you ever had a moment when you’ve come in contact with something and all the muscles in your arm or hand go really weak? I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me, and had no idea it might be my bodies reaction to some type of allergen. This is the method preferred by those doing NAET.

Not all allergies cause your system to put out antibodies into the blood or create rashes on your skin. They do, however, cause some sort of muscle weakness. Through this testing we discovered I was allergic for almost half the list. I was stunned, to say the least.

As we went through the list after the testing was done, Dr. A starred certain items he felt were especially likely to affect my skin, my recent tiredness and fuzzy thinking. These specific issues were quite tantalizing as it would be a few weeks before we could start on them.

There is a list of ‘basics’ that need to be addressed before moving on to other allergens. These basics are the most common allergens. They include things like eggs, vitamin C, corn, sugars, wheat, and others. Over many years of treating people the docs found these specific allergens needed to be treated first, as they were the most likely culprits in many other allergies.

For example, say you were allergic to vitamin C. Your first instinct might be to treat for oranges. The only problem is after you’ve treated for oranges you still find yourself allergic to strawberries, green vegetables, and a lot of other foods rich in vitamin C. Perhaps you can see that if you’d treated for the vitamin in the first place, you might not have had to treat for everything it’s in.

Clear as muddy water?

In any case we needed to start with the basics. How quickly we could run through all these depended largely on how many sessions I could afford, and the strength of my body. Dr. A recommended two or three times a week for me. Depending on our funds, I sometimes went in just once a week, sometimes up to three. It took a little over two months to get through the basics, and at last we were able to play with other of my allergies.

I think we should pause here for today. In my next post I’ll try to go into more of what the actual treatments are like.

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