Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'll Be A Terrible Empty-Nester

I informed my two boys today they're not allowed to move away from home. Ever. The elder of the two rolled his eyes and said, "But you moved away from home to have your family!" Well, I can't fault his logic.

My younger son is all for staying with Mommy forever. What a good boy he is.

Why the sudden need to never release my white-knuckled hold on my children? I took my oldest to school earlier today to go on a three day camp. It's her first ever. She was so excited, and I couldn't keep myself from holding some part of her. I'd grasp her hand, play with her hair, put an arm around her shoulder, tiedhershoelacestogethersoshe'dtripandhavetostayhome...whatever.

I began to recall all the other times I've had to "let go" a little over the years. The first time they started school, slept over at a friend's house, etc. Then my overactive imagination began to think of all the coming events that would rip my children from my needy, uh, protective arms. First dates will be a big one. I have this sneaking suspicion once they learn to drive I'll only see them at dinnertime. It'll be even worse once they get their first job.

The biggest, and most dreaded, event will be the day they leave for (gulp) college. Not only will they move out of my house, they'll take my money at the same time. My boys, and even my girls, may end up in foreign lands as they go on missions for our Church (missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints go for two years), foreign lands like Brazil, Italy, or Southern California. Like my mother said at the sending off of her own boys, I instinctively know my heart will hurt.

Even though they'll eventually find fantastic (Mama-approved) people to marry, these unknowns will probably move my children away from me. At least they'll provide me with grandchildren.

For now I must content myself with delusions that I've placed at least one kid under verbal contract to never, ever leave my house.

Whether or not I still want him living with me in twenty years, well, I'll get back to you.


Valora said...

Laurie! I'm so glad you've started a blog! I'm certain that with "Mormon" in your title you'll have a long list of comments after a while. But most of all your readers will learn what a good heart a Mormon mom does have. We are all children of a very loving Heavenly Father. Have fun with this new chapter of your life. You'll love being a missionary mom one day. For now, hug 'em and kiss all of them soundly!

Michael Phipps said...

Our first is about to go to Kindergarten. We're having the school set up cameras so we can monitor her class and keep a judging eye on the teacher. Not really, but it kind of shows how we feel, so your post hits home...

Josie said...

I tried to post and it didn't work, so I'll try again.
Yea! I'm so glad you joined the band wagon! Thanks for your testimony.