Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10 Things I Love About My Home

Turnabout's fair play. Cynthia's tagged me now. So let's find out...

10 Things I Love About My Home:

1. Gotta be the people in it! I love a home full of kiddies and the sweetest hubby ever!

2. There's a door to the kitchen. This might seem odd, but when I can't take the home full of kiddies any longer (which usually happens when it's time to make dinner) I've been able to close that door and the kids know to stay out. Well, except A, and she's recently discovered how to open said door.

3. The huge back yard. Okay so it's a blessing and a curse. I'm hoping when I become seriously motivated (ha, ha) and we're all rich (ha, ha, hahahahahaha) we'll be able to take out a lot of the lawn to put in a bigger back porch and some actual gardening areas (as opposed to mixed in with my flowers, lol). Until then we're happy to have such a big place for the kids to run around.

4. My rosebushes. Almost every single one has been a gift, and I treasure each one. I keep saying I can't move unless we're able to take them all with us!

5. How small it is. That may sound weird, and there are times it feels confining, but I think our family is closer because of it.

6. Our big front window opens. It's so nice to have a breeze coming in!

7. There are ceiling fans in all the bedrooms. Makes it reeeeeally nice on warm nights. We owe Dave's mom and dad for those.

8. Many years ago my dad put in vents in the four farthest corners of our house. This allows air to be drawn up into the attic to help the house stay cooler in the summer/warmer in the winter.

9. We no longer have avocado green appliances! Okay so there was only one left when hubbs and I got married, but still. Avocado green. Need I say more?

10. I love that this house feels like a home.