Friday, October 3, 2008

Think to Yourself, "Benny and Joon"

If this doesn't make your day...then I'll have to work harder next time. Try not to scroll down to the pictures until you've read the following:

The rockin' dentist we go to has a drawing (I don't know how often) for their kids' Zero Cavity Club. I received a phone call Wednesday saying J's name had been picked. I was so excited - it's not often things like this happen to him.

We headed over to the dentist after school where they brought out this big tub full of some cool toys: puzzles, Polly Pocket (I tried to convince him that's the one he wanted, lol), a Buzz the Lightyear on a motorcycle (B started crying when he realized he didn't get to pick a prize). I didn't realize how much I would enjoy what J picked out until we got home and opened it up.

All I can say is, enjoy! And the last pic is my absolute favorite.

He's been wearing it while doing almost everything: eating, reading, he even had me try pouring some water down the snorkel to see if he could take a drink. He could!


Cynthia said...

I actually can't think of what benny and joon is? Thanks for sharing this story!

LaDawn said...