Saturday, October 25, 2008

Playing with Pooches

My older brother and his wife came to visit for a week. Well, my sil had to work, but at least they were in town! They brought with them their two little pooches.

Friday night we got together with them, Grandma and Grandpa R, and my younger brother, his wife and two kids for a fun dinner and some birthday cake. Yummm. Afterward my hubbs and I took the kids back to see the doggies, as it has been a few years since we last bonded. Here are a few pics.

Okay so maybe the dogs are quite as little as I'd led you to believe :)
The next picture is of Triton checking M out. We'd just been out to a barbeque restaurant for dinner. I think we all smelled a little too enticing.

J was more than a little intimidated by these giant doggies! Though you can't exactly see her face (her hand "magically" got in the way every time), A was terrified of the dogs. She hated it when they tried to come check her out!

B and Sammi had a good time playing tug-of-war. A few times B even managed to pull Sammi a few inches. I think we have a budding wrestler in our midst!M and J gave it a go as well, but neither were quite as up to the task.All in all they had a great time, and the adults had loads of laughs.

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