Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Decorations!

The very first day the kids were off-track (first day of UEA) we got out the long-awaited Halloween decorations. The pictures really don't do it justice, though on the camera the spider webs do have a sort of glowy aura about them, lol.

In any case, enjoy!

This one is of the who front of the house. You can tell the "glowiness" of the white spiderweb in this one.

Here's our green spiderweb. Though you can't tell, there are little orange plastic spiders on it. Normally I would put one of those plastic-garbage-sack-pumpkin-man things you stuff with leave and such, but I couldn't find one this year, so it feel rather bare to me.

This is my newest little wooden decoration. I put it underneath the green spiderweb.
This little guy covers our screen door.
This rather significant spider is protecting one of our pumpkins :)
Here's our newest edition. We've titled this scene: Death By Pumpkin

Here's a different view. We tried to make him look like he was crawling out of the dirt.

That's about it. We have some decals on the front window, but I can't ever get a good angle to show you. There are two more personalized decorations that are fun for the kids that I'll try to post after we've done them. They super easy and the kids love 'em.


Cynthia said...

Cool Halloween hauntings going on at your place. Cannot say the same for us this year, boo, hoo. Next year, we'll really go crazy, I hope. It's amazing how big Halloween is, and there are nearly more things to do that at Christmas time, not that we do them, it's not quite our style, but there are tons of activities and functions that go on this time of year. It's such a big time of year!
Now I want to see the pictures of your costumes, you're dressing up right?? :)

Janice Lois said...
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