Monday, October 27, 2008

10 Things that Make Me Happy!

I GOT TAGGED! Is it unbelievably sad that it makes me so happy? In any case, here I go.

10 things that make me happy:

1. Gotta be the gospel. Don't know what I'd do without it!

2. My family. I'd be utterly bored without them.

3. Books. I adore books, and the knowledge that can be gleaned from them.

4. Music. I'm passionate about music, whether singing it (badly), playing it (badly), or listening to it (not so badly).

5. Chocolate (I mean, really people).

6. Blogging! Isn't that apparent enough from the sheer amount of posts I force on you unwitting souls? Which leads us to...

7. Writing!!!

8. Teaching/Speaking in church. I adore teaching my young women, and speaking brings me almost as much joy!

9. Friends...though they keep leaving me. I promise I'm showering! Not sure what the deal is.

10. New projects! I'm notorious for dipping my hands in some new sort of activity here and there.

Now I get to tag three people. But now I'm worried I'll leave someone out who might have wanted to be included...hmmm. What to do? I say consider yourselves all tagged, but especially Melanie (only because it's been soooooo long since you last posted and I'm waiting...........), Cynthia (because you need to keep posting on your blog whether you think anyone's reading it or not! I enjoy your posts too much for you to quit now), and Brent (because you've also been veeeeery lax about posting anything new, and I've noticed lots going on for you on Facebook. Time to tell us all about it!).

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