Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gardener Extraordinaire

That's right. I am the best gardener in the world! The mere touch of my hand can produce the heartiest of blooms. A slight breath can cause any plant to perk up. Just a look and we end up with tomatoes galore!

Would you like to behold the bounties of this year's harvest? I won't post a picture of the tomatoes, as it would put any other gardener to shame. I will, however, show you my glorious carrots. Knowing how remarkable I am with growing things, I tried my hand at them for the first time this year. I know you will all be amazed, awed and envious of what a summer of neglect and irregular watering has produced!!!

I'd say the biggest carrot measured a good inch-and-a-half, lol. We should have enough to make a substantial Chef's Salad :)

Now, if any of you real gardener's out there could help me understand just where I went wrong, I'd love all advice available.


Cynthia said...

This was funny, and brought back memories of our carrots. FYI: carrots need to be thinned, or they end up small like that. We've never bothered to thin ours.
Jer is the gardener at our home. We have cherry-like tomatoes of two kinds growing up to nearly 7 feet high....We don't seem to do too much, but we've followed the advice from the book, Square Foot Gardening.
Read this if you're really interested in gardening, and good luck. Hope your salad turns out delish!

Jared said...

I am not good at gardening, but my wife and I are going to try to have one next year!! Even if it doesnt turn out so well, it will be fun!! Have a good day

Emily said...

This is something I need to know too - as I would love to try my hand at gardening - especially growing vegi's. Good luck with everything! Have a beautiful Fall day!