Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is It Wrong I Like to Check My Own Blog Every Day?

It's not like I'm looking to see if I posted something new during the middle of the night. If that happened, I'd probably be checking myself in for some serious mental issues.

I just love to see the new Astronomy Picture of the Day. Space intrigues me, and often the pictures are positively breathtaking.

As I began exploring stuff I can put on my site I found some other fun things, like useless information and the Woot deal of the day (though I hear they're going to start up a new deal as soon as the old one sells out). I thought the fortune cookie one would be awesome, but I've received the same fortune three days in a row now. And no, each day hasn't been my best ever.

I think the Yoda quote of the day is awesome, but I can't get it to move so we can see the whole thing. Of course I'm still going to keep it. I mean, it's Yoda. 'Nuff said.

So even if the rest of the world doesn't think much about coming to visit me here in "Laurie-land" I'm okay with it. I'm have a good time coming to visit it myself :)


Cynthia said...

My gosh, I was just thinking about the same kind of thing, that I check my blog, even when I'm leaving a new post, but my reason is to see if I still like the layout and if I want to add anything else, AND if anyone has left a comment. Since I rarely get a comment, I wonder if anyone even reads it much! I debate all the time if I just want to stop the blog aspect of my life....hummm, I have very mixed feelings on the issue, maybe I should post about it? don't know yet on that one, guess I'll keep thinking about it...
Oh, I enjoy your blog!!!

Cynthia said...

Meant to say that even when I'm NOT leaving a post I check my blog.

missy lou said...

I am reading...just a silent thinker!