Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Inspirations Oct. 12, 2008

There is one particular Sacrament Meeting that I look forward to every year. It is the ultimate in teaching basic truths, bearing of the simplest and sweetest testimonies, showing the power music holds in bringing forth the Holy Spirit, and in bringing it all together with a little laughter.

It was our Primary Sacrament Meeting today.

My friend Errin told me listening to the sweet voices sing sacred and worshipful songs was much like listening to the Primary Choir in the recent General Conference.

Of course, as many a parent will say, a few particular faces shined even more than the others in my eyes. My oldest three, well, I can’t even begin to say how pleased I was with them. Of course J spent more time examining the congregation than singing, but when he got up and read his part all on his own…it was beautiful.

Children inspire me. The spirits coming into this world these days are strong, determined, and fiercely devoted. If taught correct principles, if raised in loving homes, there is nothing they can’t accomplish when it comes to helping further the work of the Lord.

Yet as these young children grow into adolescence, they are bombarded with temptations the likes of which those of us who were teens not so long ago cannot imagine. Some of the problems my Young Women have come to me and/or their other leaders with make my stomach churn. As they are less likely to come to Mom and Dad with these awful problems, we can only pray those they choose to discuss these issues with hold the same values.

So what do we do when the philosophies and temptations of this world bombard us to the point we can’t remember which way is north? Easy. Go back to the basics.

Look to the Primary lessons and songs. These are the things huge testimonies are based on. They give us the foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in terms just about anyone can understand. There are times I think our kids are able to comprehend and live the tenets of the gospel better than many adults can.

In any case, this was a wonderful Sunday, and I am honored to have such remarkable children in my home.

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Greg and Talena said...

Your kids are awesome! I love the primary program too, ours is in 2 weeks.