Friday, October 10, 2008

Interfaith Fast on Oct. 12

Hello all. I hope you pass along this message, even if you don't plan to do it yourself.

This Sunday, October 12th, there is going to be an interfaith fast regarding California Proposition 8. Click on the link to read loads about it.

To put it simply, this proposes that marriage be defined as law as strictly between a man and a woman, thus banning gay and lesbian marriage. I know this can be a difficult issue for so many out there, but the time calls for a stand.

Regardless of whether or not someone chooses to live this lifestyle, we need to remember where God stands in all of this, and reflect it. Too often now we bend our wills to those few who reject God's laws. We're so afraid of hurting someone's feelings because of their own choices that our own value system is run into the ground.

You can also read the LDS Church's stance on this proposition in the article California and Same-Sex Marriage.

Studies have shown that California tends to be the trend setting state. If something takes hold there, it isn't long before we see the actions reflected throughout the U.S. The gov. of California has already signed a bill banning the terms "husband and wife" and "Mom and Dad" from schools, unless there is also included terms for gay and lesbian couples/parents. It was all done in the name of discrimination, but a traditional lifestyle is now the one being discriminated against.

This Sunday we have an opportunity to turn to the one being who can do something about this mess being forced on us. Perhaps we're only delaying the inevitable. It's hard to say. But I'd rather delay it for as long as possible so long as I have a voice, and a prayer, in the matter.

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