Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Being Sick and Mom Do Not Mix

The stomach flu made a run through our house over the past week. My hubby's the only one who didn't get it (knock on wood), but has been sick with a cold regardless.

I'm the last one to be attacked. It was by far not fun. Fevers I can handle, colds are bearable, but the stomach flu is beyond horrible for me...and anyone else I would imagine. Being Mom and getting sick basically means the entire household stops in it's tracks. At least, it has before now.

Yesterday I was on the mend, but food still sounded revolting. Making lunch for the youngest two felt more like torture. I was pleasantly surprised after I put A to bed for a nap, because B basically told me to go take a nap

:O I know! Me too. He promised me if I could just pop him a mini bag of popcorn and turn on some PBS shows he'd be fine.

And he was. I woke up about two hours later to the sounds of all the kids laughing in the living room. My oldest ones had walked home, retrieved the baby from bed, and were all enjoying a little snack together. While I felt a little more rested, I still wasn't doing very well.

B got me some soda from the fridge to sip on, J put in a movie he thought I'd enjoy (and I totally did), and M took charge of dinner. Sure it was just Ramen noodles, but she made a special bowl of just broth for me


Okay so I still ended up washing the dishes, but I cannot complain. My kiddies took some seriously wonderful care of me yesterday, and I consider myself an incredibly blessed mama.


Jen said...

That's very sweet of them! It's so fun to see them growing up.

Greg and Talena said...

They are so sweet! I am sorry you were sick, hopefully tomorrow you will feel ten times better. We all got it last week, I had it last Wednesday, and Friday I finally felt better. Good luck!